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We assist with: Windows and Apple equipment and cloud computing solutions

Personal one to one service is our speciality

Our onsite support will get all of your computing needs and wants sorted - we configure, all mobile devices and computers with Apple Mac© or Microsoft Windows©  Operating Systems Fitted. 

We have been working with Apple© products since 1985 and soon afterwards we started working with Microsoft©. Not too long after that, we were able to combine the two different systems on the one network, sharing data and files in a business office, with a variety of software and different makes of Servers and computers (Apple© or Microsoft Windows©). 

We use our knowledge to help a large variety of clients, home to small businesses, ranging in different ages, to connect, combine, & use their hadware and software. 

Let us help you create the best environment for your small business and home environment. Productivity is always improved after one of our visits. 

mypc.net.au understands that all clients have distinct requirements and need different technical solutions. We offer a personalised service with individualised solutions to suit your situation.

mypc.net.au has over 37 years experience in IT, working with both MAC and Windows PCs. 


COVID-19 :: We endeavour to comply with the NSW Government mandatory requirements. 

It is also very important to keep your equipment clean, do NOT use any water to clean a computer or its peripherals. i.e.  mouse, keyboard etc. 

Please check out the links below for some helpful ways to do that correctly. 

Apple instructions for cleaning your iPhone 


How to clean the keyboard of your computer 


More from Apple on “how to clean” 


Thank you for all your continuing support. 

The link below is for clients computers that may require remote support from MyPC.net.au https://get.teamviewer.com/68y2mey



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